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5 at 5 | 03/15/16

I had an absolutely great month of January with the ladies in Molly Flanagan's Visual Storytelling class. As a continuation of that experience we have started a blog circle documenting 5 minutes in our lives at 5 o'clock. Let's see where this goes!

This month I chose to document the absolute chaos that is my living room with my two young children (disaster!) and another on the way (no motivation to fix the disaster!). Liam is into everything little and "collectible" (although arguably only collectible to a toddler) and Zoe is becoming more and more mobile and getting into all of his tiny things (GASP! Choking hazards!!!) Luckily she's not too keen to put things into her mouth and she is supervised 100% of the time BUT it's still a nightmare to do damage control around here!

My kids probably watch entirely too much television most days but I try to filter what they watch and I would rather they watch Team Umi-zoomi any day over shows like Pocoyo and Calliou. Days without a nurse are long and tiring at times and while Zoe is starting to turn the corner and not need oxygen anymore we still have to watch her oxygen saturations closely. Her medical needs mean I can't just pick up my kids and go out somewhere and it's usually not a possible feat to accomplish safely on my own. On this day my husband was away on business and I had no nurse. Boredom ensued and the testing of my patience was prevalent with a very busy and strong minded toddler.

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Life as it really happens | February- Emotion

This month's installment of our blog circle is Emotion. I haven't had much time to shoot lately and even though I should have plenty of images of "emotion" with an almost two year old and a 3 year old I am usually trying to deal with those emotions without trying to capture them. So here is what I dug up for this one. Last May I took Liam to Dairy Queen for a mommy and Liam treat, little did I know Liam would pull off an epic tantrum in the middle of the bustling ice cream shop. I mean throwing himself on the floor, kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs. He pushed me to my brink and then I threw his ice cream in the garbage stating that boys who act like that do not deserve ice cream. I felt bad, for a second but I don't think he has ever talked back to me like that since so perhaps it was effective. It was a tough time on Liam, with Zoe just coming home and taking all my attention. We were all adjusting to our new normal and I do a lot of guilt over the sacrifices he had to make because of Zoe's complex medical needs and the time I had to spend away from him in that crucial time in his young life. The tantrums are many around here and sometimes we all get a little too wrapped up in the "emotion" of it all.

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A Cariboo Family

We have had a very mild January here in the Cariboo. The past two weeks have felt more like spring than winter. There is very little snow left on the ground and what is left is more like ice than snow. I joined Brook-Lynn and her fiancé Brandon on a trip out to see their horses at a nearby farm. They of course brought their adorable son and dog along for the trip to one of their favorite places.

The love in this young family was very apparent and they were totally in their element out and about in a sloppy horse pasture. Brook-Lynn was especially beaming around the horses, this was clearly a huge part of her life. And sweet baby Corey never stopped moving his arms and legs, he was just thrilled with all of the horses.


This family loves to be outdoors on the farm and little Corey is feeding off of their love of the land. He is sure to have a rich childhood filled with running with the horses, fresh air and plenty of childhood memories.


December Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Low light

It's been 7 months since my sweet miracle Zoe came home. 7 months of our new normal. I can't believe how far she has come, how far we all have come. From 20 minutes a day off the ventilator to 16 hours a day off and on the fast track to getting rid of her "jewellery".

I enjoy these quiet moments at night when the house is still and both of my babies are sleeping soundly. It's more peaceful these days. Everyone has adjusted to life with Zoe here. We, as parents are more relaxed, knowing with certainty that Zoe will have a future and a childhood. There are more hours in a day of playing and exploring and less of just barely surviving.

Relief. Relief that she is still here. That I somehow survived my worst nightmare. That somehow I rose above the grief, the sadness, the guilt, the loss and became the mother I never thought I could be. The one who doesn't wallow in her child's developmental delays but embraces every little milestone and victory all knowing that one day she will catch up and before long will be chasing her brother around the yard under the big birch trees.

Love. Love for a child that dragged me through the worst kind of hell. Love for lessons learned in the harshest of ways. Love for the deep connection that I have to this miracle baby and all that she has taught me about following your intuition. Believing in myself and my ways as a mother in the harshest of situations. It all led to this. This precious, sweet little girl who as fought like hell for every. single. breath.

Thank you, Zoe. Thank you for choosing me as your mother. It is an honor to be a part of such a miraculous little being who has touched the hearts of so many on your journey into this world. Your are loved so very much by all those who meet you. It's hard to believe that less than a year ago I was told you would never come home with me. That your future was hopeless. Miracles really do exist.

And so we wait. Until spring. Until our next appointment in March. Until we return to our old normal, one without worry and guilt. Where our reality is two rambunctious kids, no nurses in our house every night and day, no more doctor and therapist appointments, no more counting calories and just a whole lot of love and good old fashioned childhood.

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Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Orange

I had high hopes that my little dude would be into the whole "carving a pumpkin" thing this year but it turns out a pending date with grammy trumps any suggestion mommy comes up with. I did my best to encourage him to get a little messy and squish his fingers in the pumpkin goo but he is much too OCD even at the young age of three to get his hands dirty. I was then promptly reminded that he comes from a long line of Broughton's who don't enjoy getting their hands a little gooey either. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

In the end, I ended up doing the bulk of the work and daddy carved the final product but our little dude was pretty excited when I brought up the idea of hair for his jack-o-lantern. Maybe next year there will be a little more enthusiasm for carving a jack-o-lantern!

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August Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Adventure

We may not have any great adventures these days but we have little adventures that mean a lot. Both Liam and Zoe are growing so fast and their adventures are very different but equally amazing.

Learning to eat like a big girl.
Learning to breathe like a big girl.

 Water balloon fights in the back yard.
 Awful mosquito bites.
Who has time to put on swimming shorts? 

 First trip back to Vancouver for check-ups.
 Waiting in line at the movies.
The popcorn machine was a hit!

 First time at the movie theatre

 Feeding the horses.
 Playing with the horses toy in the mud puddle...
He found the biggest puddle her could find...

 Muddy wet shoes and not a care in the world :)

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