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Spring has sprung!

In my second year of business I want to try my hand at some new things. My first goal is to do an indoor newborn session and see what I can create. I love the newborn photos that I see other photographers posting and with a new baby cocoon to use as a prop I am excited to try my hand at it.

I have been thinking of some new ideas for kids lately too that would hold their attention a little more than the typical posing for the camera. Finger painting in the park or a water balloon fight sound like great fun for the kids...and well for me :)

I am mulling over the idea of somehow breaking into the real estate market as well. I see so many horrible photos on real estate websites that do nothing to sell houses...I would have to do it for cheap though and I am not sure it would be worth my time.

I really want more event photography experience, I feel more in my element as a candid photographer, capturing moments for exactly what they are. This is what thrills me and motivates me to see the world around me in different ways.

With that verbal vomit blogged I am going to attempt to post the first photo that I took that really inspired me to pursue photography. Enjoy!!