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Most embarassing moment as a photographer.

If you know me at all, you would know that I am constantly hurting myself or spilling things. It is one of the things that I dislike about myself. The thing is, I come from a long line of clutzy Johnstons. My aunts are all like that, my dad is like that, pretty much everyone in recent history is like that. I have fallen down stairs numerous times and usually wipe out on the ice at least once a year which usually results in a useless arm due to a sprain and considerable hip pain for several weeks. Now that you know my unfortunate history, you may not find it surprising that my most embarassing moment as a photographer involves me being yet again less than graceful. In front of hundreds of people. Clients included. If you know me as a photographer, I LOVE different angles. I have been known to dress up in a full blown snowsuit just so I can get the underside of a bridge in the background of some winter engagement photos. Last year when I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant (and big as a house) I agreed to do some grad photos for a former boss of mine whose son was graduating. He was well aware of my condition as he had offered me my landscaping job back that year to which I declined. In an attempt to block out some intense sunlight and capture the grad class I kneeled down on one knee, not two, just one. I was fully aware of my increased size but in an attempt to regain my standing position I toppled over. Embarrased, oh yes. Red as a lobster, oh yes. The worst part was trying to get up again. I did not regain my composure quickly or well, gracefully. I just sort of rocked back and forth on my butt and eventually gained enough coordination and balance to stand up and brush myself off. The moral of the story? Pregnancy and different camera angles DO NOT mix. I will probably cease taking photos for clients the next time I am pregnant. Here is a photo of me last summer closer to the end of my pregnancy.