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Nearing the end of the Journey

This time last year, I was still pregnant with Zoe. This time last year I was terrified for her future. Well not much has changed. But she's still here and we are making plans every day to take her home in early May and while I am terrified to take such a fragile child home and be the sole caregiver of her, I feel she deserves this and we need to press on until we are there.

With my training progressing I have been able to independently look after her and so whenever I can I break her out of jail and take her to Ronald McDonald House where we have been staying since last July. It has been absolutely amazing to see her experience life outside of the hospital.

Liam has been incredibly gentle and loving towards her which bodes well for my confidence as we move towards going home. I can do this. Special needs and all.

Every time I get feeling like I can't do this I just remind myself that this is not forever, that she will slowly start to come off of the support and our lives will return to normal down the road. Right now I am in survival mode with only one goal in mind: get all of my chickens in the same hen house. The rest will take care of itself.

Liam is SO ready to go home. He's bored with all of the big city adventures and day to day activities down here. He's butting heads with my mom who has been here since January helping me out with the kids. EVERYONE needs to go home. I keep telling everyone, just two more weeks, just two more weeks...

And so we charge forward and I soak up every amazing moment of my kids interacting and getting to know one another. The end of this incredibly long, tedious journey will inevitably lead to the beginning of an equally tedious journey but at least is will be with our family all together, at home.