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The details of our everyday, ordinary routines are the ones I cherish most. The OCD toddler tendencies and the way my daughter is experiencing this world like never before are the moments that make up my day to day life right  now. They are amazing, exhausting and frustrating all at the same time but in the ordinary moments there is magic and even though they may seem mundane to most, these are the things I want to remember about this summer.

First time in the jolly jumper.

 That gorgeous curly red hair and that look he has when he's ready for a nap.
 Meticulous line up of cars and trains, everything has to be just so.
 Potty training battles...
 Enjoying the sunshine.
 Swinging for the first time.
 First time in the exersaucer.
 Cousins saying goodbye.
Liam's "picnic" on a hot day

Train undies in the pool.
Big boy undies and a pack-pack full of toys and snacks, ready for school!
Now head on over to check out some fabulous detail from Denean Melcher: