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August Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Adventure

We may not have any great adventures these days but we have little adventures that mean a lot. Both Liam and Zoe are growing so fast and their adventures are very different but equally amazing.

Learning to eat like a big girl.
Learning to breathe like a big girl.

 Water balloon fights in the back yard.
 Awful mosquito bites.
Who has time to put on swimming shorts? 

 First trip back to Vancouver for check-ups.
 Waiting in line at the movies.
The popcorn machine was a hit!

 First time at the movie theatre

 Feeding the horses.
 Playing with the horses toy in the mud puddle...
He found the biggest puddle her could find...

 Muddy wet shoes and not a care in the world :)

Now go over to Lorna Tyson's blog to see what sorts of wonderful adventure she has been up to this month! Lorna Tyson -


  1. These are wonderful! Everything is an adventure when you're this age. I kind of miss those days, sometimes! Great perspectives and details on these fun moments. I think the mud puddle ones are my favorite - there is something about little boys and puddles that is a winner every time!

    1. Thank you so much. My babies are the reason I shoot everyday. These little moments are the ones I cherish ♡

  2. That mud puddle was amazing haha! Love your little ones and their little adventures.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was a pretty epic mud puddle and there was not a thing I could do to keep him out of it!!

  3. Sweet Pictures! Every day is an adventure with kiddos:)

    1. Thank you! Yup, a boring job it is not, they certainly keep me busy :)

  4. So happy to see you with your little girl at home! :) What a great adventure life is, isn't it? Love the mud puddle shots, definitely fun!