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I had high hopes that my little dude would be into the whole "carving a pumpkin" thing this year but it turns out a pending date with grammy trumps any suggestion mommy comes up with. I did my best to encourage him to get a little messy and squish his fingers in the pumpkin goo but he is much too OCD even at the young age of three to get his hands dirty. I was then promptly reminded that he comes from a long line of Broughton's who don't enjoy getting their hands a little gooey either. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

In the end, I ended up doing the bulk of the work and daddy carved the final product but our little dude was pretty excited when I brought up the idea of hair for his jack-o-lantern. Maybe next year there will be a little more enthusiasm for carving a jack-o-lantern!

Happy Halloween! Now go over to Julia's blog to see her take on the theme "orange".


  1. Aww these are great! I love that you all got in the frame with him <3

  2. The pumpkin hair is awesome - and I love that you got in there too.. That's a really cool pumpkin!