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A Cariboo Family

We have had a very mild January here in the Cariboo. The past two weeks have felt more like spring than winter. There is very little snow left on the ground and what is left is more like ice than snow. I joined Brook-Lynn and her fiancé Brandon on a trip out to see their horses at a nearby farm. They of course brought their adorable son and dog along for the trip to one of their favorite places.

The love in this young family was very apparent and they were totally in their element out and about in a sloppy horse pasture. Brook-Lynn was especially beaming around the horses, this was clearly a huge part of her life. And sweet baby Corey never stopped moving his arms and legs, he was just thrilled with all of the horses.


This family loves to be outdoors on the farm and little Corey is feeding off of their love of the land. He is sure to have a rich childhood filled with running with the horses, fresh air and plenty of childhood memories.