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5 at 5 | 03/15/16

I had an absolutely great month of January with the ladies in Molly Flanagan's Visual Storytelling class. As a continuation of that experience we have started a blog circle documenting 5 minutes in our lives at 5 o'clock. Let's see where this goes!

This month I chose to document the absolute chaos that is my living room with my two young children (disaster!) and another on the way (no motivation to fix the disaster!). Liam is into everything little and "collectible" (although arguably only collectible to a toddler) and Zoe is becoming more and more mobile and getting into all of his tiny things (GASP! Choking hazards!!!) Luckily she's not too keen to put things into her mouth and she is supervised 100% of the time BUT it's still a nightmare to do damage control around here!

My kids probably watch entirely too much television most days but I try to filter what they watch and I would rather they watch Team Umi-zoomi any day over shows like Pocoyo and Calliou. Days without a nurse are long and tiring at times and while Zoe is starting to turn the corner and not need oxygen anymore we still have to watch her oxygen saturations closely. Her medical needs mean I can't just pick up my kids and go out somewhere and it's usually not a possible feat to accomplish safely on my own. On this day my husband was away on business and I had no nurse. Boredom ensued and the testing of my patience was prevalent with a very busy and strong minded toddler.

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